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Sichuan ShuBo (Group) Co..LTD
is located in the provincial historical and cultural city - Chongzhou, Sichuan Province,it covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, with a total of two hundred and sixty million yuan in fixed assets,and it has one thousand and four hundred employees.Which has all kinds of professional and technical personnel nearly 200 people.Shubo Group annual sales income of about 400 million yuan.It has won the title of "China Packaging leading enterprises", "The top one hundred private enterprises pay taxes in China", "The national –class enterprises of observing contract and valving credit" and so on.It also has owned the "The top ten of China light industrial daily glass industry (containers) ", "National glass industry service enterprise" and " The provincial–class enterprises of observing contract and valving credit in Sichuan province". Shuniu brand(instrument) glass products won the eighth and the ninth Sichuan famous brand products.

Sichuan ShuBo (Group) Co..LTD formerly known as Chongqing county ShuZhou glass products factory, it founded in 1984, completed and put into production in July, 1985 , and it production and sales of glass products has a history of nearly thirty years.

Sichuan ShuBo (Group) Co..LTD is a private limited liability company.The founder Mr. Li Zhenggang is the chairman and general manager.He is the Chinese Daily Glass Association vice chairman, China daily glass industry meritorious entrepreneurs ,and he is a economist.
The business scope: glass and products production and sales; sales of glass raw materials, general machinery and accessories, packaging materials; export business for self products and related technology of the enterprise and Member enterprises of the enterprise; import business( national limit or prohibit the import and export business of goods excepted) of production and research needed raw materials, machinery and equipment instruments, spare parts and related technology for the enterprise and member enterprises of the enterprise. engaged in processing with imported materials,and compensation trade.

The Group has four glass producing factories, and other three independent accounting subsidiaries for mold manufacturing, printing and decorating ,lab use glasswares(Chongzhoushi Shubo Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.). The four factoryies perennial produce various kinds of fine white material, high white material glass bottles, cans, white material and green material of beer bottles, fruit wine bottles, plum wine bottles and pickled cabbage altar, milky glass bottle, and all kinds of high-grade paint baked bottle, heat-resistant glass products.Glass products with an annual output has up to 300 thousand tons.

Chongzhoushi Shubo Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd. is a large production base for lab use glassware at the west of China.It mainly produces GG -17 glass( boro.3.3 glass) laboratory glassware, scientific instruments and tools.The printing company mainly produces high temperature and low temperature roast flowers decorated with glass products.The mold manufacturing company perennial producing and processing all kinds of glass mould, it designs all kinds of precision molds, various specifications of glass annealing furnace, push the bottle machine, transport bottle machine, bottle arranging machine, computer machine, glass slag conveyor, powder conveyor, bucket elevator and other glass machinery products.

The heat resistant glass products are sold all over the country, and exported to Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia and other regions.
The Group has already started the famous brand strategy and the enterprise culture brand strategy. It is the road of safety, environmental protection, economy and sustainable development!
The Group will always provide first-class products and services for the new and old customers achieve better and faster development!
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